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Documenting your memories

     The love for photography has always been in my life. Since I was a little girl my most favorite things were my grandmother's camera and going through my family's box of old albums every chance I had. I believe photography has a power of freezing all the special moments, smiles and feelings. Everyone knows me as the one who always have the camera in my pocket and never miss a moment without a click. 

     I was born in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, and moved to America in 2010. Back home, I went to school for Communications and had a career in Music Production. But my dream was to become a Movie Trailer Editor and that is what I came here to study. The only thing is that I wasn't expecting to fall more in love with photography after I got my first camera. Combining this with my passion for kids, I started capturing their candid moments, and soon enough was sure that it was all I ever wanted to do. Since then, I have been part of many beautiful moments and families' lives.

     As a Storyteller Photographer, my main goal is to show life as it is. Your family, your home, your own little details, your routine will be all in your pictures, making those real memories last forever. I am a natural light and outdoors fan, love the ocean and blue skies, beautiful parks and views. I am married to an amazing husband who supports me in every step of my career, and we have two sweet and energetic little guys: Ben (4yo) and Zac (9mo). Aside from enjoying to spend time with my family, I also love good music, swimming and bike rides. Life never ceases to amaze me with every single sunny day or a beautiful smile.

       It's been a wonderful ride and unforgettable experience to be able to make someone's special moments last forever.


        Hope you will be the next to share your memories with me soon!



Michelle Hetrick
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